THE FIFTH ACTIVITY EXHIBITION OF AVATARS OR DEVICES SAVING PHYSICAL LIFE (OF THE RESCUED) AND SRIRITUAL LIFE (OF THE RESCUER) 3 ROOMS - 4 OBJECTS - 2 IMPLANTS MUZEUM SZTUKI ŁÓD¬, POLAND, 2001 ROOM ONE A sensor of movement turns on a light piaced in a central position above the model of AVATAR This is like a pair of gloves with fingers ending in transpsrent hemispheres. The palms join together - as in supplication - they form five spheres capsules in which an insect may be enclosed and subsequently carried away, with no harm, to a safe place. In the future this kind of AVATAR is to be produced on an indrustial scale and to be made commonly available. In kiosks, schools, museums , banks... After usage the AVATAR bio/loqical can be discarded on qrass where it undergoes a process of biodegradation or becomes a choice morsel of snails since it consists exclusively of digestible vegetable substances. For the time being this AVATAR exists only as an ides and because of this in the exhibition it is presented only as a model made of transparent colourless polyester material placed on the top of a tall, also transparent plinth. In a wall of this room there is also an IMPLANT- a chink that draws the air in. It is placed approximately at a cat's nose level. Not everybody can see it. It is shy although very beautiful. ROOM TWO Here also a sensing device turns on two light sources. The first of them illuminates a short column at the top of which is placed the AVATAR I under a crystal dome. It is a pure gold version of a device designed to transport beings that in this life were given the unfavourable body of an insect. The other floodlight reveals the existence of yet another AVATAR which is fixed to the wall and separated from it by thick perspex sheets. It is AVATAR II Ag made of silver. It has a strongly convoluted a shape when used its body entwines the hand and fingers encircle its oval head - it is a capsule to which a rescued insect can be inserted. To do this one should pull a gold-palladium wire to open the golden eye of the AVATAR - seeing everything everywhere rhrough a hole herween its brows, hearing everything everywhere at the same time it is emerging in the material world in order to help (... ) big and small ones (... ) In the wall of this room there is the second IMPLANT in the form of a cat's nose An adult person has to bend down to hear how it breathes noiselessly- ionizing the air. ROOM THREE As in all rooms also here movement turns on the light rhat illuminates the AVATAR III Ag. This silver object is placed high on a wall. It is shown behind a thick perspex sheet. Its purpose is to carry away tiny, living, moving, feeling beings from risky places. It is, like all AVATARS, made of s noble metal and hss antiseptic properties. Its use is safe as confirmed tests carried out on animals have shown. AVATAR III Ag can be applied universally, it may be used by three-fingered higher beings inhabiting other worlds in spite of it being made on earth.